Designing Stunning Artwork

Steam Room Mosaic

Mosaics can help to enhance your steam room through beautifully elegant glass, metal, iridescent or marble tiling. A steam room mosaic is a great way to add some definition and individuality to your bathroom design, creating a contrast between colours and texture to incorporate character and personality.


Bringing Your Imagination To Life

Creating Your Mosaic Steam Room

Mosaics provide you with a range of colours to create a masterpiece of artwork in your steam room. You can choose to stick with one block colour or decide to go with multiple tones and textures for a mesmerising experience. The Ahmco team can help you choose a mosaic that beautifully complements the rest of your bathroom design, as well as helping to enhance your relaxing experience. From pearl white, shell-like textures to golden brown mixes, there are multiple ways you can incorporate mosaic features into your steam room. These features can be used on the walls, flooring and seating of your steam room to maximise your experience.

Artistic Personalised Touches

Types Of Mosaics

There are various colours, shades, textures and shapes for you to choose from, all of which can easily be incorporated into your bathroom design with specialist Ahmco designers. Ahmco professionals can help you to add intricate elements to your steam room design, ensuring that every aspect of the room represents your personal taste and style. Why not incorporate mosaic’s on the following:

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