Luxury Bathroom Ambience

Bathroom Tiles

Create a luxury ambience with Ahmco’s range of bathroom tiles. All are designed perfectly to make your bathroom features stand out while giving the room a delicate stroke of stunning patterns. Choose from Ahmco’s tile collection to enhance your bathrooms sophisticated design.


Create A Piece Of Art

Bathroom Wall Tiles

Either match your bathroom wall tiles with the flooring colours or pick a tile that contracts the floor for a stunning and artistic flair. Marble effect stone can pick up the colouring of your basin and shower valves, creating a luxury feel throughout your bathroom. Let your bathroom design shine through the simplistic and calming effect of concrete and neutral stones. There are multiple ways you can transform your bathroom through tiling the walls, and our professional designers can help you to create the perfect bathroom that incorporates your style through luxury textiles.

Defined Luxury Styles & Designs

Bathroom Floor Tiles

Give your bathroom some definition with Ahmco’s bathroom floor tiles in various colours and textures. Tiles can be used to create separate areas within your bathroom, such as tiling the flooring of your shower for a focal point within the bathroom. Tiles create a seamless finish to your bathroom by continuing the same tiling into a wet room, for a unified appearance.

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Client Testimonial

"I cannot thank the Ahmco team enough for the outstanding work they did when designed and installing my new bathroom. Every piece works perfectly together, and the design that they came up with looks beautiful. Walking into my new bathroom instantly relaxes me, and I’m so happy with it!"

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