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Bathroom Furniture

Create a storage space that portrays luxury, incorporating high-end design while being functional and practical. Bathroom furniture can be fitted the whole way along a wall, or an elevated unit for a stunning and effortlessly modern style.


Your Perfect Bathroom Awaits

Bathroom Units

Cutting-edge bathroom units can add new levels of high-end design that also works as a storage cabinet for your everyday items. You can choose various levels of bathroom units, from single basin units to high rise units, all of which can be perfectly designed within your bathroom to look luxurious while also being practical. Our designers can take your requirements into consideration when designing your bathroom, ensuring that it remains sophisticated with every unit fitted.

Adding Luxury, Bespoke Designs

Bathroom Storage Cabinets

There are many ways in which you can incorporate bathroom storage cabinets into your luxury bathroom with Ahmco’s perfectly designed collection. Depending on the style of your bathroom, various units can help you to create that desired luxury feel, either with single unit storage or a masterpiece of furniture combinations.

Our Bathroom Units


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Client Testimonial

"I wanted something didn’t take the limelight away from the bowl basin mixer that I have, as it is phenomenal, and I didn’t want to hide its beauty. The Ahmco team helped me choose a wall hanging storage unit in a lovely crisp white so that the basin mixer would stand out. I am very pleased with their work, and they are extremely helpful, so thank you to the team."

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