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Bathroom Taps

Exceptional designs for bathroom taps elevate your bathroom to a new level of luxury. An array of different styles and designs are available, allowing you to choose one that perfectly suits your style while enhancing your luxury experience.


Innovative Tap Designs

Basin Mixer Taps

Every detail of your bathroom should radiate elegant luxury and high-end products. With Ahmco’s range of luxury bathroom basin mixer taps, you can achieve a stunning finish that stands out against your choice of basin. You can opt for taps that make a statement or choose one that lets your basin stand as the focal point. Depending on your personal style, there are always tap designs to help you reach your vision of luxury bathroom interior.

Style It Your Way

Bathroom Basin Taps

Various styles of bathroom basin taps allow you to add touches that flow with your style and bathroom design ideas. From wall-mounted taps to elegantly flowing water with our Synergie range, modern and traditional styles are easily achievable. Ahmco has a large range of taps available; within our collection, we have the stunning Omika, Kovera and Synergue ranges.

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With Ahmco’s renowned reputation in bathroom design, you can be sure of only the best service.

Client Testimonial

"I have had a Synergie tap installed on my basin as well as my bathtub and even just watching the water flow out of the tap is extremely relaxing. I am beyond happy and impressed with the service that I received, and cannot recommend the Ahmco team enough."

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