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Beautiful Bathroom Additions

Freestanding Whirlpool Baths

Whirlpool baths can be created to take centre stage within your bathroom design, being elegantly placed in the middle of the bathroom, or located ideally in the corner for a stunning statement piece. Freestanding whirlpool baths bring a whole new level of luxury bathing to your high-end bathroom, creating a masterpiece within the bathroom design, while also functioning as a relaxing bathroom feature. Ahmco can meticulously place your whirlpool bath to ensure that it makes a statement while improving your wellness innovative features.

Creating Luxury Leisure

Whirlpool Spa Bath Features

You can easily create a stunning whirlpool spa bath in your bathroom design by customising the design to suit your style. Whirlpool bath features such as the valves can be installed with your preferred valve style, ensuring that the bath accompanies the style of your bathroom. The jets, along with the headrest, add to the relaxing and comfortable experience of the whirlpool bath, creating a spa-like ambience for you to enjoy. Ahmco’s designers can help you to introduce the whirlpool into your design, making sure that it fits your style as well as providing a luxury relaxing feature within your bathroom.

Client Testimonial

"I adore having a bath, so I loved the idea of having a whirlpool to relax in after a day of working. The Ahmco team were very helpful in designing the bathroom layout to fit in the whirlpool, and they were extremely friendly throughout the process. I am so happy with my bathroom and honestly cannot recommend them enough."

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