Stylish Safety

Stunning Shower Tray

Ahmco’s stunning shower tray designs provide safety as well as style to the bathroom. A range of colours and styles are available for you to ensure that every element within your bathroom design matches perfectly for that luxury feel.


Enhance Your Wet Room

Wet Room Shower Tray

Allow your bathroom to simply flow into the wet room with our excellently designed wet room shower tray collection. You can choose from various different products to accommodate your style, either creating seamless bathroom flooring or defined wet room space. Make a statement with the design of the shower tray and allow it to take centre stage with glass shower enclosures.

End To End Luxury

Walk-In Shower Tray

Create a designated space for enjoying a luxury shower by choosing from our walk-in shower tray collection. Every aspect of your shower should portray your style, and the shower tray helps to transform your design when paired with glass shower enclosures. Complete your shower with a granite shower tray or a matt finish for a contemporary soft feel.

Bring Your Vision To Life

Let our professional designers know what you have envisioned, and they can start creating your bespoke luxury bathroom.

Client Testimonial

"Ahmco was very quick to reply to my consultation request, and the process didn’t take too long to get started. Very impressed with the service and the bespoke design element. I really feel as though my bathroom is personal to me."

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