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Ahmco has been providing clients with outstanding bathroom designs for over ten years. Teams are proud to have built a fantastic reputation, providing services that have been recognised within the design and installation industry, as well as amongst clients. We continue to provide clients with the highest quality bathrooms through a range of products and brands that we work with.


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About Ahmco

In 2012, Ahmco formed a business that focused on plumbing, heating and bathroom supplies. However, as the years passed, we started to grow a reputation for our renowned bathroom services. Clients were delighted with their bathrooms and the amount of hard work that went into designing and installing their now beloved space. Now, we supply a design and installation service for clients, giving them the chance to incorporate their style and experience a high-end service throughout.


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Today, Ahmco works with various brands to ensure that only the best service and quality are provided to clients. The brands that we work with have an outstanding reputation within their industries and have years of experience in designing products that embody luxury and elegance. We provide a service which enables clients to create their perfect bathroom through bespoke products, along with reliable teams within your area who deal with the installation. Clients can experience end to end project management of their bathroom installation, giving them peace of mind that everything will be provided under one roof.

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