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High-Quality Steam Room Generator

There are an abundance of benefits that come alongside incorporating a steam room generator into your bathroom design, allowing you to step into a spa and indulge in the calming aroma a steam room has to offer. The rich moisture and essential oils cleanse and soften the skin while relaxing your senses for the ultimate luxury bathing experience.


Enhancing Your Experience To New Levels

Adding Steam To Your Bathroom

Whether you decide to add steam to an existing shower enclosure, or create a fully bespoke steam room dedicated to spa-like experiences, it is a fairly straightforward and easy process. Ahmco provides clients with exceptionally high-quality steam generators provided by Helo, a reputable steam room retailer. By incorporating a Helo steam generator into your bathroom design, you can benefit from the multiple features that enhance your relaxing and soothing experience. For example, the generator has the following features for you to enjoy:

  • Soft steam
  • Touch screen controls
  • Clever essential oil reservoir

Advanced Bathing Technology

Steam Generator For Steam Room

While the steam generator for steam rooms are unseen, they provide the heart of the experience through high-quality and exceptionally designed technology. The generator can be introduced into your shower enclosure, or a bespoke steam room can be perfectly designed to suit your bathroom, making it easy to incorporate a steam room into any size bathroom.

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