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Easy Access Baths

Combining practicality and style to transform your bathroom into a luxurious and functional space couldn’t be easier when working with our team. When designing easy access baths, the Ahmco team will take your requirements into consideration, ensuring that the product incorporated into your design aids you during your bathing experience. You can choose from elegant P and L-shaped designs suitable for bathing and showering, or select from our wide collection of walk-in baths, some of which with high seating to make every experience comfortable and relaxing.

Style & Functionality In Mind

Easy Access Shower

While incorporating luxury and high-quality touches is at the forefront of every design here at Ahmco, the team want to ensure that your bathroom not only looks stylish but also caters to your needs. This is why our easy access showers are designed around you, whether that be a walk-in shower or a shaped bathtub, to ensure stability and safety. Through every disabled bathroom design, our team wants to provide you with the reassurance that you can feel safe and regain your independence.

Designed To Cater To Your Needs

Designing Your Wet Room

When designing your wet room, Ahmco designers will always ensure that the final product looks luxurious and high-end. This is achieved through the wide selection of products, such as those below:

Minimise Accidents & Maximise Style

Comfortable Toilets

When a toilet is too low, it can cause discomfort and falling accidents for the elderly and disabled, which is why our disabled bathroom designs can include high toilets. A high toilet makes it easier to sit down, minimising potential falls and maximising comfort, making you feel safe and providing you with independence. You can find a selection of high toilet designs when working with the Ahmco team, who are more than happy to discuss options and ideas with you during the design process.

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Our team are more than happy to discuss ideas and products with you.

Stylish Safe Bathrooms

What Our Disabled Bathrooms Provide

Here at Ahmco, we know that while style is a must, safety will always come first, which is why we offer bespoke bathroom designs that allow you to integrate all of the features and products that can help you to feel more independent. When working with our team, you can enjoy the following:


Our products are designed to provide you with maximum comfort, making every experience enjoyable.


As our products are of the highest quality, they are extremely durable, offering a long-lasting solution.


You can feel confident that your bathroom is a safe place by minimising accidents with our bespoke designs.

Client Testimonial

"My youngest son has a disability, and as he has been getting older, we were finding it hard to bathe him safely. We contacted Ahmco after seeing their website had disability bathrooms, and we cannot get over the experience that we had. The team were beyond friendly and asked us what difficulties we were having so that they could find products that would help us. Even though the bathroom is now suitable for our son, it still looks high-end and modern, and we are really impressed with the design."

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