As one of the most popular colours for home interior design, grey creates the perfect blank canvas for putting your unique stamp on your space, and bathrooms are no exception. With an understated charm and a diverse range of shades to choose from, you certainly won’t be short of grey bathroom ideas to inspire your renovation project – and our article is the perfect place to start!

Grey Bathroom Ideas To Inspire Your Project

Having supplied bathrooms in St Albans and the surrounding areas for more than ten years, we have seen an abundance of trends come and go, but one that continues to stand the test of time is a grey colour scheme. Fresh, clean and luxurious, a grey bathroom couldn’t be easier to tailor to your style, whether you have a modern, contemporary, traditional or eclectic aesthetic in mind.

If you’re in the initial stages of piecing together your grey bathroom, it can feel impossible to know where to start. With our top ideas, you can not only narrow down your options but also consider secondary colours to add a touch of personality to your new space.

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    White and Grey Bathroom Ideas

    It was only fair to kickstart our guide with, by far, one of the most popular colour schemes amongst our clients. Ideal for creating a clean, timeless space, a white and grey colour palette couldn’t be more versatile, offering a blank canvas that can be adapted as your style changes.

    Promising a bright, airy atmosphere, most balance their white-to-grey ratio by using white as their primary colour and grey as a secondary. For example, the wall tiles, bath and sanitary ware can all be white, while your flooring and vanity are your chosen shade of grey. You can then opt for adding a pop of colour as an accent; green, in particular, is fantastic for encapsulating a fresh aesthetic – but we’ll run through our top green bathroom ideas later in this article!

    More white and grey bathroom ideas include the following:

    • Incorporate both colours into your design through marble surfaces
    • Create drama by adding a dark grey tiled feature wall
    • Use brass accessories to switch from a modern look to industrial
    • Opt for slate tiles if you would like several shades of grey
    • Add wooden touches to create a farmhouse aesthetic

    White and Grey Bathroom

    Black And Grey Bathroom Ideas

    If you are keen to stick with a monochrome foundation for your bathroom but prefer a more dramatic colour scheme, then black and grey should certainly be a front-runner. Contemporary, atmospheric and less likely to show wear and tear, this aesthetic couldn’t be easier to recreate.

    The secret to a perfectly balanced black and grey bathroom is to consider the size of your space. If you have a smaller bathroom, we recommend using grey as your primary colour as black on the walls, in particular, may enclose the room. We love the idea of incorporating black and grey patterned tiling, such as across the flooring or inside the shower enclosure, adding a touch of character to your design without making it look overcrowded.

    Take a look at our project for a client in Stevenage for the perfect example of a bold yet classic use of a black and grey colour scheme. We worked with our client to transform their old utility room into a new wetroom, complete with grey tiling and all-black features. And, as always, if you have a similar project in mind, do not hesitate to contact our specialists in bathroom refurbishments in St Albans and the surrounding areas.

    Black and Grey Bathroom

    Pink and Grey Bathroom Ideas

    Pink may not always be a colour that springs to mind when designing a bathroom, but the results can be spectacular. Whether you opt for soft blush or add a pop of colour through bright fuchsia, it’s all down to preference and how you would like to balance pink with grey.

    Our personal favourite is the Aurelia furniture range from our supplier, Calypso Bathrooms, which is available in a classic blush pink shade and perfect for adding subtle colour to space. More ways that you can use your chosen pink shade in your bathroom include the following:

    • Walls: Consider creating a two-tone wall with white or grey tiling along the bottom half and light pink paint along the top.
    • Bath: Nothing makes a statement more than a luxurious freestanding bath, so why not take this to the next level with a pink tub?
    • Accessories: If you are using grey as your primary colour, add touches of pink through towels, bath mats, wall art and other accessories.

    For more shades of pink to consider for your bathroom redesign, take a look at the Eggradients website.

    Beige and Grey Bathroom

    Beige and Grey Bathroom Ideas

    Scandinavian bathrooms have been a go-to style for homeowners across the globe. Why? Because they are perfect for creating the “less is more” aesthetic with clean lines and toned-down decorations. And the colour scheme? It is almost always beige and grey.

    A beige and soft grey scheme adds a peaceful elegance to your bathroom, creating a warm environment to unwind at the end of a long day. Pair this with a wooden vanity and wicker storage baskets, along with plenty of mirrors, and your space is complete.

    If you would like more inspiration on designing a Scandinavian bathroom, take a look at My Domaine. Alternatively, if you are still yet to decide which theme your new space will have, why not take a look at our previous article for ten popular options?

    Beige and Grey Bathroom

    Blue and Grey Bathroom Ideas

    Blue is one of the most traditional bathroom colours, drawing upon the rich tones used in the Edwardian and Victorian eras. And although classic, most definitely isn’t out of fashion – and it’s not hard to see why!

    In more recent years, we’ve seen many clients combine timeless blue shades with modern grey, like the walk-in shower room we completed in Slip End, for example. Our client combined rich blue herringbone tiling inside the shower enclosure with a soft grey tile on the remaining walls and floor. Read more about this project on our case study page.

    If you have a blue and grey colour scheme in mind, consider these ideas:

    • Add metallic detailing, such as brass taps or a chrome mirror, for a touch of luxury
    • For a classic look, opt for navy blue furniture with a white countertop and grey tiling
    • Embrace a more moody aesthetic with deep blue marbling and dark grey flooring
    • Create a farmhouse aesthetic with navy walls, a wooden vanity and lots of indoor plants
    • Design a WOW factor bathroom with blue patterned wallpaper behind a grey freestanding bath

    Blue and Grey Bathroom

    Green and Grey Bathroom Ideas

    Whether you have a luxe, minimalist bathroom in mind or an eclectic style, we would certainly recommend considering green and grey as a colour scheme option. Earthy, natural and, most importantly, versatile, it is super easy to customise this palette to your aesthetic. But how? Here are some of our top ideas:

    For a contemporary bathroom: A modern green and grey bathroom plays on the idea of bringing the outdoors in. Consider a dark grey shade for your furniture with a white sink, bath and sanitary ware, complete with green accents and plants. For an extra pop of green, consider a light shade for your tiling, creating a calming retreat.

    For a traditional bathroom: For a more timeless look, dark shades of green used as your primary colour will be your best friend. Our supplier, Calypso Bathrooms, offers two beautifully elegant furniture styles: the Chiltern in Hunter Green and the Pentland in Spruce, both of which have a panelled farmhouse design. Finish your space with ornate decorative tiled flooring and gold features, such as handles and taps.

    Green and Grey Bathroom

    How Will You Bring Your Grey Bathroom To Life?

    The ideas when choosing a grey bathroom truly are endless, whether you opt for sticking to a contemporary monochrome theme or go bold with accents of pink, green or blue. When designing, we always recommend keeping the 60-30-10 rule in mind, as this will help you balance your chosen colours without your bathroom looking overcrowded. Learn more about this interior design secret on The Spruce.

    If you’re feeling inspired and ready to begin designing your new bathroom, why not book a consultation with our team? From bespoke shower enclosures to high-end bathroom suites in St Albans and the surrounding areas, we work closely with you to piece together a design that brings your vision to life.

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