Your bathroom is arguably one of the most important rooms in your home. Not only is it the place where you get ready for the day ahead, but it is also where you unwind at the end of a long day, which is why it is so important to ensure your bathroom is both comfortable and functional. That being said, bathrooms are often one of the smaller rooms in your home, so it’s essential to make the most of the space you have. The key to achieving this? With furniture – which provides storage space for your toiletries and towels, as well as a place to sit down and relax. In this article, we will explore a range of bathroom furniture ideas, and with all of the options available, you’ll be sure to find some inspiration you love.

Beautiful Bathroom Furniture Ideas For Your Renovation

There are so many different types of furniture available for bathrooms, so you can always choose pieces that match your style and needs. Our team of experts in bathrooms in St Albans and surrounding areas have had over ten years of experience working with clients to design and install their dream bathroom, so who better to tell you about the endless possibilities?

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Our Top Tips For Choosing Bathroom Furniture

Before we get into it, here are our top 5 things to consider when selecting the furnishings for your bathroom:

  • Consider the style of your bathroom. Do you want a traditional or modern look? If you have a traditional bathroom, you might choose furniture made from wood or other natural materials or with ornate details, such as carved legs or inlaid designs, to add warmth and character. But if you have a modern bathroom, furniture made from glass, marble or metal may be better suited to your vision – sleek and contemporary materials can help to create a clean and uncluttered look. You might also want to consider using furniture with simple lines and minimal details.
  • Choose furniture that is made from durable materials that can withstand moisture. Bathrooms are often wet and humid, so choosing furnishings that won’t rot or warp is essential. If the furniture will be in direct contact with water, it is crucial you select a material that is specifically designed for use in wet areas. Wood can be a good choice for bathroom furniture, but you must seal it with a water-resistant finish – this guide from the Appliance Analysts will show you how in 4 easy steps!
  • Make sure the furniture is the right size for your bathroom. Using the wrong-sized furniture can easily make your bathroom appear overcrowded and cluttered. If your furnishings are too big for your space, you will find your bathroom will feel closed off, tight and uncomfortable. But, if your cabinets aren’t big enough to sufficiently store all of your toiletries, you will likely end up with cluttered shelves and surfaces – which nobody likes in their bathroom! With the right-sized furniture, it is possible to create a space that is both functional and stylish.
  • Choose furniture that is easy to clean. Bathrooms can be messy, so in order to save your future self some scrubbing time, try to choose furniture that is easy to wipe down and avoid items with lots of nooks and crannies, as these can be difficult to clean. Trust us… you will thank yourself later!
  • Finally, choose furniture that is comfortable. You’ll be spending a lot of time in your bathroom, so you want to be sure the furniture is comfortable to sit on or stand in. For example, if you have a bathtub, a bench is a great way to add extra comfort!

By following these tips, you can choose the perfect furniture for your bathroom and create your dream sanctuary in your own home.

Bathroom Furniture
Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom Fitted Furniture Ideas

Fitted bathroom furniture is a type of furniture built to the bathroom’s walls. It is typically made from wood, MDF, or acrylic and can be finished in various colours and styles. It’s a smart way to utilise space and create a contemporary, practical bathroom that you’ll love for years to come. If you’re looking for a way to maximise storage and create a sleek, stylish room, a fitted bathroom is a great option.

Here are some ideas for fitted bathroom furniture:

  • Back-to-wall toilet and unit with concealed cistern: A back-to-wall toilet is a great way to create a sleek and modern look in your bathroom. The concealed cistern means you don’t have to worry about unsightly pipes or tanks, and the back-to-wall design allows the toilet to be fitted flush against the wall, creating more of a streamlined look.
  • Plinth: A plinth is a decorative trim that runs along the base of a fitted bathroom unit. Available in various colours and styles, plinths can either be installed flush with the floor, or raised slightly above the floor to create a more dramatic look. They hide unattractive gaps between the bathroom unit and the floor and also help to protect the unit from water damage. Plinths are a practical and stylish way to add a finishing touch to your bathroom.
  • Wall-hung cupboards: Wall-hung cupboards are a fantastic option if you have a smaller bathroom and need to save some room. They can be fitted flush against the wall, which means that they don’t take up any floor space, but can still provide you with all the storage you need.
  • Vanity unit with basin and under-sink cupboard or drawers: A multipurpose vanity unit is one of the best ways to add storage space and functionality to your bathroom. It typically includes a sink, cupboards or drawers, and a worktop. As long as you choose a vanity unit that is the right size for your bathroom, and make sure that it has enough storage space, this can be an ideal solution to more than just one of your needs.

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Freestanding Bathroom Furniture Ideas

Freestanding bathroom furniture is not installed flush with the walls of your bathroom. This type of furniture can be a great way to add a personal touch to your bathroom as it is available in many styles, colours and sizes, so it’s easy to find pieces that fit your space. One of the most significant advantages of freestanding furniture is that it’s easy to install and remove, which makes it an excellent option for people who want to be able to change the layout of their bathroom without having to do a major remodel.

Some popular types of freestanding bathroom furniture include:

  • Chests of drawers: A chest of drawers is a freestanding storage solution that is both durable and versatile. Available in a range of styles and sizes, you have the freedom to place them in a variety of locations in the bathroom, such as next to the toilet, under the sink or in the corner of your room. You could even add a mirror above so that the surface can be used as a worktop when you are getting ready for your day!
  • Cabinets: Cabinets are another type of freestanding bathroom furniture used for storage. The fact that they can be easily moved around to different parts of the bathroom gives you more flexibility in terms of design, which is something that many people desire. Freestanding cabinets also come in a variety of styles, so you have lots of options; if you don’t fancy a closed cabinet, why not opt for an open-fronted one instead?
  • Mirrors: The average person looks in the mirror 8 times a day, and with the bathroom being where you get yourself ready, it only makes sense to have one around. A freestanding mirror is a fantastic way to add a bit of luxury to your bathroom while making the area feel more open.

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Small Bathroom Furniture Ideas

If you have a small bathroom, you may be limited in the amount of furniture you can fit. But that won’t stop you from creating your ideal space – there are still many ways to add storage and style to your small bathroom, like Zahira from D.Signers proves in this information-packed video. Our previous article, How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger, explores the possibilities even further, so feel free to have a read and inspire yourself some more!

Some tips for choosing furniture for a small bathroom include:

  • Choose furniture that is multi-functional. For example, a bench with storage can provide both seating and storage space. This can be a great way to save space in a small bathroom as you combine two pieces of furniture; you can use the bench for seating when you’re getting ready and then store towels or other items in the storage space underneath.
  • Choose furniture that is compact. There are many small-sized bathroom furniture options available, such as wall-mounted vanities and corner cabinets. Wall-mounted vanities are a great storage solution, and they don’t take up any floor space. Corner cabinets are also a good option for small bathrooms, as they can be used to discreetly store items you don’t use often.
  • Choose furniture that is light in colour. Light colours reflect light and will help to make your bathroom feel larger and brighter. So, if you have a small bathroom, choosing light-coloured furniture can help to make it feel more spacious. Need more inspiration? Take a look at this guide from The Family Handyman, The Best Colours For Small Bathrooms.
  • Choose furniture that has a simple design. Simple designs will help to make your bathroom feel less cluttered due to their lack of unnecessary details, which can easily make a small bathroom feel more crowded.

How Will You Furnish Your Bathroom?

No matter the shape, size or layout of your bathroom, with all the different furnishing options available, you’re guaranteed to find something right for you. With a bit of planning and some help from our experts in bathrooms in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas, you can create a stylish and practical room, even in a small space.

Our talented team have been providing clients with outstanding bathroom designs and bathroom installations in Harpenden and surrounding areas for over ten years. If you are ready to start your renovation journey, contact us for more information, and let’s start planning the bathroom renovation of your dreams today!