Designing your perfect bathroom can be difficult, especially if you’re worried about lack of storage or your new space becoming cluttered – but not to worry!

At Ahmco, we have many years of experience designing bathrooms in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas, allowing you to keep your space as tidy as possible, no matter its size and shape. Our 19 bathroom storage ideas will give you endless inspiration on how to take advantage of every corner, all while maximising functionality.

Our Guide To The Best Bathroom Storage Ideas

The bathroom can become a hoarding ground for cosmetics, toiletries and even dirty washing, making it easy for the space to become cluttered. This makes storage a must-have, especially if you have a smaller space to work with. From discreet space-saving storage to hanging space, our 20 ideas are guaranteed to inspire your next bathroom project!

thin cabinet in small bathroom

Project: Luton Family Bathroom

Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas

Towels are probably one of the most used items in a bathroom and around your house; however, they barely get a second thought when they’re chucked on the floor and create a mess, so keeping them tucked away in a storage space is an ideal way to avert this!

1. Towel Rack

This is a classic idea and is found in almost all homes as it is perfect for drying and hanging your towels on, ensuring they are still neat and tidy at the side of the room but still accessible and easy to reach. You could try to change the style and opt for a more minimalistic type or a bulkier version; depending on your bathroom style, our specialists can help you choose your desired style and ensure it fits precisely what you need!

Our previous article outlines the 4 most popular bathroom styles to help you decide!

2. Storage Ladder

For those that prefer their towels tucked and rolled away neatly instead of hanging on a towel rack, this one is for you. This storage idea can also hold other things and be viewed as decor, combining functionality with design for the perfect look! If you lack floor space, why not try a wall-mounted ladder so that you can continue to use all the floor available yet still be pleased with the amount of storage you have?

Take a look at this gorgeous storage ladder by Amazon.

3. Stack Your Towels

Whether under your sink or on a shelf, folding and stacking your towels neatly is an excellent way to decrease the clutter in your bathroom and keep your towels accessible at all times yet still looking pristine and tidy! As they would usually be out in the open, it may be a good idea to have all the towels the same colour if you are worried about your bathroom’s colour matching and aesthetic.

4. Tuck Them Away In A Basket

For a stylish and functioning bathroom, baskets or gorgeous boxes are a perfect way to conceal your messy towels and add cute decor! This idea is perfect for multiple uses and neatly stacks and stores your towels, it can also be pushed into a corner of the bathroom, so it doesn’t take up much space. Always remember to match the baskets with the colour of your bathroom’s colour palette, so they blend in well.

This wicker basket for towels by Wayfair is stunning!

woven basket for towels and storage

Under Bathroom Sink Storage Ideas

Under-the-sink storage is one the best and most popular ways to store all your mess and become organised. This clever idea is perfect for everyone who wants to keep their room as tidy as possible and doesn’t fancy adding extra storage ideas such as shelves.

5. Standing Bathroom Shelf

If you don’t have a cupboard under your sink and instead have a pedestal sink, try a metal standing shelf that curves around your sink, extending the number of things it can hold and hang. This keeps it tucked away as far as possible; excellent for smaller bathrooms.

This beautiful freestanding shelf by Amazon is perfect for any sort of bathroom!

6. Hide Away Your Pedestal Sink

To add extra storage space and more decor, install an under-the-sink cupboard around your pedestal sink; this keeps your budget lower as you don’t need to rip anything out and replace existing items; instead, you’re just utilising the space.

7. Lazy Susan

Extremely popular and helpful, this idea is tucked away and rotates, so you can keep your toiletries, cosmetics or cleaning products in allocated spaces. We recommend a Lazy Susan with raised edges to prevent items from knocking over, and for those with more space available, perhaps consider a tiered design with multiple shelves.

This affordable lazy Susan by John Lewis is ideal for anything you need to store!


Shelf Bathroom Storage Ideas

Shelves are one the easiest and best ways to maximise storage space; whether they’re tucked away, on the wall or slightly further into the room, they are a perfect way to boost your bathroom’s decor, functionality, and storage space!

8. Built-in Shelf

When remodelling your bathroom, include a built-in shelf on the wall. Whether in a shower wall or just next to your mirror, this hack maximises the amount of floor space available. Along with storing essentials, built-in shelves are also a fantastic home for any ornaments or decorative features.

9. Over The Door

Hanging some shelves over the door or the cupboard door is a perfect way to minimise the number of things lying around in your bathroom and instead have them easily accessible on the inside of the door. You could choose from fabric pockets that are attached to hooks that you secure over a door or a shower caddy-like material that also hooks over the top of the door. You can find bigger versions fit for the main bathroom door or smaller ones that hook onto a cupboard door!

Have a look at this excellent example by Shein!

10. Hidden Pull-Out Shelves

This brilliant idea is similar to what some people may have in their kitchens; multiple tiered shelves are inside a pull-out drawer which can be recessed into a cabinet or even the side of a mirror, making this storage idea seamless and discreet.

corner shower shelves

Project: Wheathampsted – Matt Black Shower Room

Bathroom Cupboard Storage Ideas

Cupboards are one of the first go-to ideas you think of when deciding on storage, which is great as there are many different customisation options, allowing you to integrate cupboards seamlessly into your bathroom. Take a look at our storage cabinets, which can be installed by our specialists in bathroom installation in Chesham and the surrounding areas.

11. Floating Cabinet Door Shelves

These small shelves are ideal for items such as cleaning supplies or hair tools, which you’d prefer to have tucked away. You can even have sliding shelves, which are better for accessibility and practicality. Hang or screw them into the inside of your cupboard door so that they are discreet and tidy.

12. Above Toilet Cupboard

This idea utilises space that would otherwise be wasted and can easily be slotted into your bathroom design. Simply install a standing cupboard over your toilet with shelves inside to tuck away the less aesthetically pleasing items such as toilet paper, cleaning products and other essentials.

Wayfair has loads of different examples and styles, ideal for any bathroom!

13. Floor-to-Ceiling Cupboards

A cupboard that almost acts as a wall? Perfect! Small bathrooms could benefit from this idea, as it takes up less space than needed; this idea ultimately pushes back all your storage space into one wall to save a lot of floor space and allows you to store many things in one place instead of dotted around the room.

14. Corner Cupboards

Ideal for small bathrooms or those who want extra space instead of a packed bathroom, this idea means that you install a cupboard mounted on the wall or stand snugly in the corner of the room. This idea makes up for wasted space whilst also keeping in mind functionality.


Project: Harpenden – Family Bathroom

Bathroom Wall Storage Ideas

If you want some items on show but not cluttering your room, then perhaps opt for small items and storage spaces attached to the wall, so you add some minimalistic features and decor whilst also keeping your bathroom tidy and clutter-free. Take a look at our bathroom accessories that you could install into the wall and in your shower.

15. Shower Caddy

Shower caddies are a favoured option and loved by many as they can be easily hung, removed and stored anywhere in your bathroom! Installing mini shelves onto the wall by your sink or in your shower is an excellent way to keep hair products, shower products and soaps without having them mess up your room. There are many different styles of shower caddy which you can choose from; these include:

  • Different colours: Depending on the colour scheme of your bathroom, you may opt for a simple black or white or have a pop of colour; there’s no limit!
  • Tiered: For some extra space, why not add multiple caddies so you can store additional items
  • Different materials: If you’d prefer a more enclosed caddy, then opt for a plastic one with higher edges, so nothing falls out, or if you would rather have a more open caddy, then go for a wired one, so you could even hang items off of it on hooks!
  • Adjustable: Having an adjustable caddy means that you can alter your storage to suit the height of an item, offering a long-lasting investment.
  • Corner caddy: This caddy makes up for what could be wasted space and is tucked away into the corner, so you don’t feel disturbed when you’re in the shower or bath but still have all your necessities easily accessible to you.
  • Specific item caddies: These caddies are made specifically for a type of item you would normally store in your bathrooms, such as hair products like a hairdryer and straighteners. There are even designs specifically for your electric toothbrush, which keeps any annoying wires safely out of the way.
    Take a look at our previous article for some more inspiration on bathroom accessories!
    shower caddy

    Product: Shower Caddy By Vado

    Bathroom Hanging Storage Ideas

    Hanging storage is easy and useful; if you don’t want to commit to a storage idea, then an over-the-door hanging storage space will allow you to keep your room as tidy as you want while changing the decor and aesthetic. In contrast, screwed-in hooks will let you neatly hang towels or shelves around your room.

    16. Hooks

    Hooks can be placed anywhere, whether on the door, wall, side of cabinets, or inside. They’re probably one of the most versatile storage options for you, perfect for those who need extra spaces but don’t need large cupboards crowding up their room. If you place these in the shower, try hanging them off a shower caddy, which is perfect for loofahs and shower gels. However, if you put them around the room or on the door, towels can be hung here to dry or store so they’re easily accessible.

    17. Woven Tiered Hanging Baskets

    Suppose you don’t want all your bathroom items to be out of sight but still want them to be tidy. In that case, this hanging tiered basket idea is perfect as it adds some beautiful decor to your room while keeping available space and neatly arranging all your items.

    Etsy has some brilliant examples!

    hooks for towels and storage

    Space Saving Bathroom Storage Ideas

    Overall, if you just want some space-saving ideas, then any of these could be a good fit for you, but some options are explicitly designed for this, so they’re perfect for you! For extra tips on space saving in a small bathroom, take a look at our previous article!

    18. Secret Shelves In The Mirror

    This multipurpose idea is a popular option and is an opening mirror cabinet so that you can store all your necessities inside whilst also having them easily accessible. You could either have this extra discreet and recessed into the wall or slightly out so you can tell there are shelves inside the cupboard.

    19. Sink Unit In The Corner Of The Room

    Similar to a cupboard in the corner, this idea is perfect for small bathrooms as it still has superior functionality and accessibility. However, it pushes the piece of furniture to a snug corner, ensuring you keep the floor space you want and need.

    Project: Stevenage – Wetroom

    Your New, Neat and Tidy Bathroom

    Hopefully, our guide has given you all the best ideas on storing all of the messy items that would’ve cluttered up your room before, now tucked away nicely, to make your bathroom enjoyable for you and the family! If you’re looking for some bathrooms in St Albans and the surrounding areas, then make sure to get in touch now for a free quote, getting you started on your brilliant new bathroom!