Elegantly Placed Features

Free Standing Bath

With a free standing bath, you can create a focal point that sets the tone of your bathroom, being a high-end and luxurious place to relax. From traditional elegance with a copper bath to a modern and chic white acrylic centrepiece, you can elevate your bathroom design.


Create The Perfect Centrepiece

Free Standing Tub

If you are looking to add some luxury to your bathroom design, then our stunning free standing tub is the perfect addition. With various styles to choose from, you can add a touch of unique refinement to your bathroom design, creating that deluxe feeling every time you enter the room. Our professional designers can formulate an outline of what you can achieve with a free standing bathtub, transforming your bathroom into a high-end design that shows off your style.

An Array Of Luxury Designs

Free Standing Bath Tub Styles

When opting for a free standing bath tub, you have a wide choice of colours, styles and designs to choose from to create your perfect luxury, high-end bathroom. Free standing baths can be placed in various locations within the bathroom, accompanied by accessories for the perfect luxurious experience.

Design You luxury Bathroom With Ahmco

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Client Testimonial

"We had a free standing bath installed on the side of the bathroom but slightly away from the wall. We are over the moon with the end result and couldn’t be happier. It looks simply incredible up against our black and white tiles. Very happy, thank you!"

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