About The Project

Having provided bathroom design services for many years, we have had the pleasure of building up a strong relationship with several reputable local contractors. This means that we often work alongside fellow industry professionals to complete client projects. In this instance, we joined CS Building & Design to provide a bespoke shower enclosure in a super modern, luxury bathroom.

The client was having a complete overhaul of their existing bathroom and opted for a sleek, contemporary aesthetics for their new space. As the client was lucky enough to have a larger bathroom, it meant that they had plenty of space to incorporate a glass shower enclosure. To ensure that every aspect of the enclosure fitted seamlessly into the client’s bathroom, CS Building & Design enlisted the expertise of our team to design a hinged door with an inline panel and side panel. This would be fitted directly to the walls so that the shower could be neatly tucked into the corner for the ultimate touch of luxury.

As you can see from the beautiful photos below, the glass doors were complete with silver chrome accessories including handles, a grab rail and a second rail to hang a towel while showering. These perfectly complement the interior design of the bathroom which featured a matching chrome radiator and showerhead.


The Completed Project

Client Testimonial

"We couldn’t be happier with the gorgeous shower enclosure supplied by the fantastic team at Ahmco. It is everything that we could have envisioned and more, so a huge thank you for all of your hard work!"